Shauna McKay

Illustration BDes (Hons)

My work is bold, colourful and usually characterised by a sense of humour. My interests include children's book illustrations and editorial illustrations.


My illustrations are varied in colour, style and media but a strong sense of narrative is seen through out my work. Playfulness, humour and dream like quality distinguish my art, which lends itself to children's illustrations and editorial work. Recently I find my work becoming more digital, however traditional art methods still influence my approach, manifesting in a painterly technique to digital illustrations.

Book cover design. The background is a flat pale purple, an overflowing casefile made to look like a school takes up over half the front cover. Pages overflow out the file like light from an open door, illuminating the title. There is a series logo on the bottom right corner of the book, a gold detective badge with two girls on it. The back cover is a detective pin boards with various illustration surrounding the blurb
A simple mock-up of the book cover photoshopped onto a book.
A stereotyped American Man is painted in rough pink and blue brush strokes. Hands in suits come from 3 different angles, almost cradling the mans face, or pushing it to look a certain way. The background is a light green with an illustrated pattern of a digital war zone across it.
A mock up for the book cover, with a book and e-book format. The cover and back is illustrated with black and white sketches of the elderly. They are smiling and dancing with loved one, while Scottish flowers flourish around them in blues, yellows and greens.

'SLURP!' An illustrated children's book

A digital painting, with warm oranges and blue accents. From behind, a scientist holds up her hand to touch the skeleton of an Egyptian mummy, the scene is illustrated in sandy browns. From the point where the hands meet, the skeleton appears as a living ancient Egyptian women. She is very colourful in contrast to the scientist. A sun is painted in the background, with the Egyptian women in the centre.
The image is stylied and expressive