Eve Murphy Marriott

Illustration BDes (Hons)

Using traditional materials, my work is inspired by the Folk and Fairy tale books I grew up reading and each piece aims to intrigue the viewer to learn more.


I tend to use a mix of materials such as pencil, watercolour, and ink to create my work, often adding colour digitally in the final stages of design. This last year in particular I have been enjoying the unpredictable patterns and textures that come from using ink washes and graphite. There is something very satisfying in not knowing the exact outcome of your work as you create it.

I have always been drawn to Fairy tales with their rich imagery and bizarre storylines. Strong influences on my work are illustrators such as Arthur Rackham and Edmund Dulac who are synonymous with Grimm's Fairy Tales and Stories from Hans Christian Andersen.

My goal is to create visual stories that will captivate the viewer and draw them into the world created beyond the page.

A Little Bird Told Me

An aerial image shot of a rural village by the sea. There are two white birds flying over the village in the left hand side. The image is done in blue ink washes.

A spread from my book " A Little Bird Told Me". This book was our first personal project of 4th year.

A selection of pages from "A Little Bird Told Me".

Angela Carter's "The Bloody Chamber"

The page is split into 12 triangle sections of a mirror. Each section shows a slightly different view of the lower half of a woman's face, with dark lips and a ruby choker on her neck. There is a man with a dark beard and hair in shadow beside her. His face is at her neck. The piece is done with graphite pencil and is in black and white.

"Mirrors on all the walls, in stately frames of contorted gold, that reflected more white lilies than I'd ever seen in my life before. He'd filled the room with them, to greet the bride...The young bride, who had become that multitude of girls I saw in the mirrors"

Angela Carter's "The Courtship of Mr Lyon"

The page shows a young woman in a white dress sitting on a chair. A man with a lions head and paws in kneeling at her feet, resting his head on her lap. The only light in the room is from a candle on the right side of the page and a strong shadow is cast over the two people. The woman has her long hair half up, half down and a concerned expression on her face as she looks at the lion. The piece is done in graphite pencil and is in black and white. The pencil lines are easily seen.

"As she was about to rise, he flung himself at her feet and buried his head in her lap. She stayed stock-still, transfixed; she felt his hot breathe on her fingers, the stiff bristles of his muzzle grazing her skin, the rough lapping of his tongue and then, with a flood of compassion, understood; all he is doing is kissing my hands"

Angela Carter's "The Tiger's Bride"

The page shows a person wearing a venetian mask, slightly aligned to the right side. The person is wearing ruffles sewn with pearls around their neck and a white wig, parted in the middle and tied back. There is a strong light coming from the right hand side and the mask has a strong shadow over it. The masks eyes are dark and we can't see the wearers face. In the right eye of the mask there is one tiger eye that can be seen. The piece is done in graphite pencil and is in black and white. The pencil marks a

"One single tear swelled, glittering, at the corner of the masked eye. A tear! A tear, I hoped, of shame. The tear trembled for a moment on an edge of painted bone, then tumbled down the painted cheek to fall with an abrupt tinkle, on the tiled floor"

Common Weal Banner

The image has a black background. A hunched over person is in the right hand corner of the page, facing sideways. The person is carrying several factory chimneys, power plants and pylons on their back. A large cloud of red smoke is coming from the chimneys and forms a large cloud over the top half of the page. The person is holding a green plant in their hand and looking at it. A yellow green glow surrounds the plant and casts a green light on the persons face and arm. The piece is done in graphite pencil a

A newsletter banner created for Common Weal along the theme of environmental sustainability.


The image shows 3 books open on a floor. There are several books behind them on a bookshelf. One of these books is open with a pop-up paper eye showing. The books on the floor have paper pop-ups also. The closest book has a flying owl and a red brick house pop-up. The book to the right has two town house pop-ups. The third book to the left has a wave pop-up. There are several lose pages scattered about the floor also, with images of foxes, the sun with a face, and medieval kings. The spines of the books on

Based off of a prompt to describe your life in 6 words. My final image is filled with little objects and motifs that are significant to me, all hidden within the books I have collected throughout my life so far.


The image is a white piece of paper with a small square landscape in the middle. The landscape is of a small house with two windows and a smoking chimney. Behind the house the sky is at sun set, fading from red to orange to blue. The house and foreground, with a bare tree are silhouetted in black. The two house windows have orange light coming out of them. There is a V shaped formation of birds flying in the sky to the right side of the page. The piece is done in coloured pencil and the pencil texture can b

An illustration from my personal sketchbook. I try as often as I can to sketch the landscape around my home, especially during Winter when the sky on a clear day has the most amazing colours.

If you want to see more of my work you can follow me on social media where I share all my projects. Please feel free to contact me regarding inquiries or commissions.