Kerry McAlpine

Illustration BDes (Hons)

Aspiring tattoo artist who likes to use big, chunky lines and bold colours!


My style mainly consists of a big, chunky outline on my illustrations and turning my work into a sticker style! Bold colours and squiggly lines are a must! Animals and sea life are my usual drawn subjects and tattooing – especially Japanese art – is a massive influence.


An illustration of two tigers overlaying each other, snarling at one another.


An illustration of a red goldfish wearing a tiger mask on its head and tied on with an emerald green rope.


An illustration of a dragon head facing the viewer. It's a bright blue colour with orange brows and horns. Three arrows puncture through its head.


An illustration of a panther head facing the viewer with a snarled expression. A sword punctures through its head.

'I've got a bite!' book mockups

3 double page spreads

3 double page spreads of an ocean book. There are multiple sea creatures on each spread with a fishing line going down each page. The words on each page describe the line going down with phrases such as 'DEEPER', 'DOWN DOWN' and 'PAST THE SHARKS'.
3 double page spreads of the same ocean book. This time the illustrations show sea creates of the deeper sea such as jellyfish, sharks and glowing fish! The fishing line is still going down each page and there are words on one of the pages that says 'NEARLY AT THE BOTTOM'.

Children's book showing what lives in depths of the ocean. A story of a person having a bite on their fishing line and wondering what they have caught! The reader follows the fishing line deeper and deeper in this horizontal book.

Square Eyed Project: QAnon.

An illustration of a dark figure holding out two white hands, away to grasp a screen with a distorted letter 'Q' on it. There is a colour scheme of red and cyan.

An illustration in response to the All4 programme 'The Cult of Conspiracy: QAnon'.

I hope you'll follow my Instagram in my pursuit of becoming a tattoo artist! I can also be found working in McManus Galleries helping host art activities for all ages!