Rebecca Rodger

Fine Art BA (Hons)

Rodger’s work aims to confront the link between the themes of domesticity and gender by using labour-intensive craft processes such as quilting and rug tufting.


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By embracing the fluidity of the human form, Rodger has begun to navigate their queerness and their own relationship with their body. By placing the work within the traditional white cubed exhibition space, they aim to challenge the devaluation of traditional craft practices within fine art spaces. Through reusing old curtains and bedding they carry the domestic history of these items into the studio. The work itself heavily features the colour pink and other vibrant colours which signify the new-found harmony between their feminine and masculine qualities. The laborious process of this work has given Rebecca time to define what these terms mean to them and to sit with their body and to learn to intuitively understand it.



A tufted rug, depicting pink and red floating blobs. The background is a gradient of dark blue to light blue towards the centre.

Tufted rug, acrylic yarn, monks cloth, felt, carpet adhesive (220 x 130cm)


A bright pink quilt depicting someone's legs standing inside a bath or shower. There is hair flowing into the plughole and a razer on the ground.

Repurposed textiles, embroidery floss, thread, adhesive, felt, straw, spray paint, acrylic paint, bubble wrap (120 x 160cm)

Screen Divider (Untitled)

A wooden screen divider with three doors. There is sheer fabric draped over and it is embroidered with nude figures.

Repurposed net curtains, thread, timber, wood stain, wax (150 x 180cm)

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