Euan Rutter

Fine Art BA (Hons)

A satirical, humorous and subversive expression, that seeks to scratch at the seedy under-belly of socio-political order and the economical intricacies therein.


euan rutter

Throughout the past few years, my art practice has become a device for relaying a running social commentary on the surreality and severity of various issues that were occurring locally and internationally, and in doing so, it has allowed me to be experimental with my practice because researching these subjects defines the media chosen and directs my work because every problem has it's own solution, just like in life. By creating art in response to current affairs my hope is to better understand geo-politics, social inequalities and the causes behind these so that these ideas can be expressed throughout my work.

My practice is an evolving process that takes a fresh approach to every new project because learning new skills is what drives me as an artist and as a person, and by bringing together traditional mediums like drawing, printmaking, painting and sculpture, and infusing them with the digital arts available to us now, I have been able to bring physical artworks into the 3D realm or by developing ideas digitally and then bringing these concepts into reality. My final project, for example, began as a digital collage and resulted in a low-fi installation of cardboard cut-out figures and hand-carved chess pieces.


An image of my Degree Show installation featuring colourful canvases


A collage animation video about the US with-drawl from Afghanistan


A collage animation video explore the concepts from my dissertation research