Calum Rennie

Fine Art BA (Hons)

A makeshift sort of artist whose practice focuses* (in the broadest sense of that word) on documents, their creation and presentation.


Calum J Rennie is an artist, writer and archivist who aims to explore through his work intimate, small moments and the stories that they form.  Within this collection of written works, essays and poems is contained a journey through the mundane and the personal, presented in a matter-of-fact manner which encourages the reader to meet it halfway. The writings explore themes of monotony, inspiration, isolation and change, ultimately coalescing into a completed vision of something unclear.

The finished works are presented as zines to be perused within the degree show space. Alongside this some specific excerpts have been chosen to be presented on the walls partnered with corresponding prints. Visitors to the show are encouraged to interact with the work in whatever way suits them, additionally PDFs will be available to read for free on my website.

Collected Texts

Four small zines presented on two shelves. First is titled fishmonger with a lino print of a fish bellow, second is titled selfwound and features an image of a watch face, the third is titled closed circuit with corosponding image of a security camera and the final is titled will-o-wisp with a gravestone and spectral orb.

Available for reading in person or online this selection of writings is available to be read in zine format


Here is a short excerpt from the story 'Fishmonger'


Here is a short excerpt from the story 'Closed-Circuit'


Here is a poem from the collection of texts in 'Self-Wound'

Any support would be amazing! Zines and prints will be available for purchase from the degree show area. Additionally, if you would like a zine or print but are unable to attend in person feel free to drop me an email. Finally, for commissions, collaborations or other opportunities please send me an email at