Harris McFie

Digital Interaction Design BSc (Hons)

LLENO is an app created to aid a user's perception of their activities carried out day to day and recognise patterns in how they balance their time.


Derived from a mix of methods to manage time, LLENO takes a step back from the strict confines of daily planners and offers a more abstract way for a person to track what they have achieved each day. The unique app lets users create a 'full day' using bright and playful orbs. As opposed to the phrase 'busy day', the Spanish view their day as filled up, hence the name LLENO.

The interface combines a soft visual technique called neumorphic design to relax the user alongside a vibrant use of colours to stimulate positive feedback. Inspired by a Lava Lamp, the fluid motion is a focal point of the app as it creates a soothing sensation and an opportunity for interactions.

At the beginning of the experience, it is very monochromatic and minimal to prompt the user to create their first orb. As it appears, colour is added to the screen, encouraging them to fill it with more activities as their daily journey continues. (Figure 1)

Playfulness is encouraged through every interaction, so the aim was to avoid buttons and tabs to navigate. In a lava lamp, the fluid would break up when being shaken. The orbs mirrored the same interaction to access the individual activities, as when a user would vigorously move a category, it would split apart. (Figure 2)

For the users to recognise patterns in their behaviour, the statistics page provides an overview of their week, month, year and max time.


The background is a dark grey. Underneath figure 1 is a raised circle with a smaller white oval outline inside and there is a plus button in the middle of it. Below is text saying 'add an orb in white. Underneath Figure 2 the same raised circle is illuminated in turquoise. Three ovals sit inside a circle, coloured turquoise, pink and green. The blue oval has a label with the text 'study'. Underneath Figure 3 is a Statistics title in bold and white.

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