Nichole Milne

Digital Interaction Design BSc (Hons)

Hello! I’m a digital interaction designer specialising in creating responsible, accessible, and inclusive designs that put users at the heart of each project.


Loneliness and isolation are continuously growing issues within the elderly community, especially after national lockdowns as many are still fearful to leave their homes.

Communication via tablets, phones and computers offer a modern aid to bridge communication gaps, but using these devices is often a challenge for those unfamiliar with the technology and they, instead, chose not to bother.

Fotio is a digital letterbox designed for my grandad to allow him to feel connected in a world which is technology dependent. Fotio works by family and friends sending an image and caption through the messaging platform ‘telegram’. This information is automatically formatted into a pre-stamped, punched, and perforated postcard that prints automatically to the Fotio letterbox, ready to be folded in half and bound into the designated storage book. This experience allows my grandad to be included in activities and events by being sent images and messages in a media he is familiar and comfortable with, along with being able to reflect on past memories by flicking through postcards contained within his personal storage book.


A table displaying postcards ready to be bound in the storage book.

A photograph detailing the key components of the experience, a printed postcard, a stamped and folded postcard, and the personal storage book.

Project video

A video detailing the key points within the experience, from sending the digital message to receiving and storing the physical postcard.