Aiesha Duncan

Digital Interaction Design BSc (Hons)

Talk Amongst Yourselves is a conversational board game focused around using dark humour to make discussions about medical information less worrisome and fun.


The concept behind Talk Amongst Yourselves is to use dark humour to subvert and distract from the anxiety and awkwardness that comes with having necessary conversations about medical issues. The idea came from my friends and even my own personal health scares, which recently included an onset chronic illness, that I had to explain to my friends and family. The idea of explaining to people that you’re in pain, might need assistance, or even what medication you are on can be frightening not just to the sufferer but for those who are being told. They might not know what to say, do, or how to approach the conversation. 

That’s where Talk Amongst Yourselves comes in. 

The game is made of cards themed around darkly humorous doctors' notes that are used in real medical settings. As each player answers a question, the cards can be cashed in to build a skeleton which lights up. These elements of play and humour in amongst talking helps to break up the seriousness of the situation and helps to add a positive light on a potentially harsh conversation around needing help from both sides of the discussion.

What’s included in Talk Amongst Yourselves

The board lays scattered alongside the cards on a glass-topped table.

The Board in Use

The board lays scattered alongside the cards on a glass-topped table.

The Cards at Play

There is a blue card in the middle of the screen which reads the doctor’s note "hamburger helper a wound similar to ground meat, q: talk about your worse injury, could you compare it to any kind of food". The board is in the background, unassembled.

How does Talk Amongst Yourselves work?

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