Conor Gray

Fine Art BA (Hons)

Dark/surrealist paintings and drawings, focused on the distortion of physical form


Most of the images depict single figures, in clear discomfort. while the images are dark in subject matter, the colour palettes tend to be warm and inviting. Introspective and personal in nature, the driving force behind this work is the process and form of the painting.

I work mainly in oil paint and graphite, to produce macabre images usually depicting figures with parts of their physicality missing or replaced.

Built on a foundation of drawing, and with an obsessive output of work, I selfishly derive joy from the process of image making so, in some ways my catalogue is mine and mine alone, regardless of who else sees it.

Inspired by video games, movies, anime and studying older works of art, my goal is to bring the imagined to life through my work. Using a mixture of traditional painting techniques and more contemporary surrealist visuals, I try to strike a balance between vivid colour palettes and stark contrast. Many of the paintings are introspective in nature, with an emphasis on emotion and a dream like quality that painting from life alone cannot accomplish. I paint for myself and an imaginary audience, and so many aspects of my subconscious makes it’s way to the surface, whether political or philosophical in nature, the purpose of the paintings are to be enjoyed for their aesthetic qualities rather than for some pointed reason forced by my hand.