Callum Gilmour

Product Design BSc (Hons)

Restore is a playfully inspired modular storage system trying to offer a conscious alternative to consumer-driven fast furniture.


Restore is a tailored anti-fast furniture solution to people's ever-evolving storage needs through the mediums of modularity and playfulness

In 2022, the world is fast-moving and consumer-driven. Social media pushes an endless trend agenda at an enormous environmental cost. In the past, furniture was bought to last a lifetime. Today it is a different story. Retailers synonymous with fast fashion capitalised on a pandemic, jumping on the bandwagon of cheap, harmful, poor quality furniture, exacerbating a growing yet overlooked issue.

As we divert from buying generational furniture, Restore attempts to appease our consumer desires consciously. Using a lego block-style pegboard base and unique and playfully inspired modular storage units, Restore offers a customisable storage experience.

Modularity is key to Restore's ethos. People's needs constantly change throughout their lives. Age and circumstances significantly influence how we store, and with the average age of homeowners and house prices rising, we are moving home more than ever. Adaptability is essential to avoid the cycle that is commonplace today. Restore wants to offer something that will be with someone throughout, and beyond their lifetime. An online platform to encourage up-cycling and to provide an opportunity to trade units is also a part of the Restore product, doubling down on this message.

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