Caitlin Garner

Product Design BSc (Hons)

A series of satirical products, created using "advice" given to women, intended to create thought and demonstrate the way the society regards women as victims.


photo of girl working at laptop surrounded by scissors and pencils

A series of 4 products, all created using different variations of "advice" provided to women when they are victims of violence, such as:
"Flag down a bus"
"Cover up"
"Run in groups"
"Use personal safety apps"

All of the pieces of "advice" were provided in response to gender-based violence and demonstrate the particular way a Western, patriarchal society views these women as being to blame for the crimes committed against them. Each piece of "advice" is aimed towards the victims of these crimes and what they can to do prevent being victims, but there is little done to prevent the perpetrators of these crimes from doing so. This series of products wants to demonstrate how this "advice" is not useful and does not protect women.

"Flag down a bus" - This advice was taken literally and a product was created in order to flag down a bus.

"Cover up" - This advice is often offered in regards to the clothing of the victims of gender-based violence, and so it was taken literally as well, and a product was created to allow the user to completely "cover up" - from shoulder to ankle.

"Run in groups" - This advice was given in a campaign by Avon and Somerset police to "give women tips to avoid harassment", so a product was created to allow women who did not want to run in a group to do so "safely".

"Use personal safety apps" - For this piece of "advice", I wanted to take a different approach and create an app to track the perpetrators of these violent crimes, instead of the victims.

don't MENtion it Website

A video walk through of the don't MENtion it website

Cover Up

writing on a blanket covering a figure includes words 'was scared' 'assault' and 'told him no'

A product inspired by "advice" to "cover up".

Run in Groups

two figures running, joined together with a bar

A product inspired by "advice" to "run in groups".

Locate the Problem

phone app showing a map with text 'locate the problem'

A product inspired by "advice" to "use personal safety apps".