Robert Harper

Product Design BSc (Hons)

36 Rooms is a card game which promotes emotional discussion, personal connection and interpretative thinking, combined with cards inspired by real art exhibits.


A portrait photograph of Robert Harper, a product design student, in front of a tree covered in ivy

After a couple of the most strenuous years to date, the impact of severe global events has led to an overall decline in mental health. It is therefore vital that we continue to discuss our emotions with each other, maintaining or building on our emotional literacy and intelligence in order to be more compassionate, understand others struggles and be able to reach out when in need.

36 Rooms - The game box and some room cards

A digital mockup of the box packaging for 36 Rooms with a selection of the cards from the game lying to the right on a grey surface

36 Rooms is a card game which promotes emotional discussion and personal connection in a causal, fun and conversational way. Through a set of 36 “room cards”, inspired by real art exhibitions, the players respond to prompts by selecting the cards they identify most with. After a short round of 3 prompts, each player is left with a little “gallery” of cards which they can give a tour of, discuss their own personal choices and compare their own emotional responses to everyone else’s. The game encourages the sharing of basic emotional distresses, feelings and opinions to get families and groups of friends opening up an ongoing dialogue of emotional support and discussion.

36 Rooms - Packaging

A digital mockup of the box packaging for 36 Rooms on a grey surface. The box features bold text and a range of colourful objects printed on its top surface

36 Rooms - Room Cards

A digital mockup of 2 of the art inspired room cards from the game with a third card showing the reverse design, resting on a grey surface

36 Rooms - Prompt Cards

A digital mockup of 2 stacks of cards, one featuring the back side of the prompt cards, the other featuring an example prompt which says "How do your friends see you?"

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