Caitlin Lamont

Interior & Environmental Design BDes (Hons)

An adaptive re-use project reimagining the Govan graving docks as a new facility featuring a textile factory, retail space and runway.


Looking at the historical significance of this once essential area of the city of Glasgow, now left rotten and derelict, I have reimagined it in a new era of industrial revolution. Redesigning this site as an all inclusive textile manufacturing centre, garment factory complete with a shop, runway, cafe and bar as well as refuge spaces within the facility as well. Honouring the site with its purpose for housing industry with a new one.

Fast fashion being one of the most exploitative industries in the world currently, and not seeming to be improving with the exponential growth of online shopping and mass consumerism, I have taken an interest in slow fashion, pieces of clothing made with quality material and in ethical working conditions - deciding to dedicate my interest in this topic and creating a small scale solution which would be situated in my home town of Glasgow. 

Taking inspiration for the design of this from the body - the way clothing is worn on the body mimics the way a building houses an interior. exploiting this ideology of the juxtaposition between fashion and architecture and using shapes from life drawing to determine my designs and visualise my ideas.

Life drawing


Visualisation of catwalk

a render of an empty ship building dock populated with people walking about and a catwalk in the backgrounds
a render of the empty dock from the other end from the catwalk showing steel partitions populated with people
a photograph of a wooden model of the dock with pictures collaged into the background of people now and old images of what the site was originally (building ships)