Freya McIntosh

Interior & Environmental Design BDes (Hons)

West Ward Works. An internal hamlet for first time buyers.


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Between 1999 and 2019, the number of 25–34-year-olds buying their first home has decreased by 30%. This is due to a 187% increase in property value and just a 45% increase in the average income. Additionally, Dundee has an increasing number of vacant commercial plots, some have laid empty for decades. Therefore, I am turning the old DC Thompson print works – West Ward Works – into an internal hamlet for first-time buyers.

I discovered that the Scottish government have a First Home Fund that aims to help first-time buyers purchase a property. The scheme grants up to £25,000 per household. With rising property costs and rising costs of living, I propose development that minimises the cost of each through a Rent-To-Buy scheme. Residents can purchase a percentage of their property and pay rent on the remainder through multiple instalments, they will eventually own their property outright. Through other modifications and the building being run off a biomass district heating system costs of living will reduce making West Ward Works a financially beneficial place to live.

Within the existing building there will be 24 two bed homes connected by a boardwalk. Along with the homes, there are other attractive amenities, such as: a work hub, doctors’ surgery, nursery, communal garden, and swimming pool. These facilities are readily available to all residents with the pool, work hub, and garden available to the public.

A rectangular visual containing homes, an open walkway and populated with people.

A render of the residential levels.

A rectangular visual of an internal garden with a pink ramp and populated with people

A render of the communal garden.