Alfie Packham

Product Design BSc (Hons)

Connecting generations of Kirkton Community Centre attendees over a meal of playful interactions in a bid to tackle a decline in local community buildings.


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There is a feeling within the Kirkton Community Centre in the north of Dundee, that they don’t have long before the council have their way and the building is lost, adding to the long list of others like it. The building was once a place of such vibrancy, hosting chaotic bingo nights, race nights and beetle drives. 

Play With Your Food is a service aimed at the Kirkton community centre inspired by the attendees of its Thursday afternoon community meal. Relishing in these memories, it aims to reverse the nationwide decline that has occurred since the late 70s, embracing the community’s favourite games and foods and using them as a common language for connection. Structured as a starter, main course and dessert with each game widening its circle of connection. The starter connects you with the person opposite. The main now has the entire table involved. The dessert brings the whole room together. 

It's loud, It’s collaborative, It’s energetic. It’s everything dinner isn’t meant to be.


A man and woman sitting at a table smiling as they interact with the product. The product involves using chopsticks to pick up food from an operation style board game.