Ellen Muir

Product Design BSc (Hons)

I’ve designed ‘Good Vibrations’, a necklace to help calm anxiety through a vibrating box breathing exercise.


My product has been designed in order to help bring people into the present moment when struggling with panic attacks and anxiety. It accomplishes this through vibrations which are triggered by a magnet in the ring which when held to the reed switch within the necklace starts a sequence of vibrations in the style of the box breathing method on repeat for one minute. I chose to make the activation point within a ring to make my product a two-piece set. As shown in the photos the necklace comes within a wooden case, which would double up as a wireless charging dock as well as storage to keep your necklace safe when not in use.

Wooden box packaging open, showing necklace hung up and ring on shelf
Necklace and ring shown being worn
User sitting on bench in public using the necklace looking anxious
Necklace in display cabinet in room on dresser