Festival of the Future

Our flagship festival programme that celebrates and enhances collaboration between science, art, and culture.

Festival of the Future is the University of Dundee’s flagship festival programme that celebrates and enhances collaboration between science, arts, and culture.

In 2022 our festival explored themes around sharing experiences, connecting with nature, health and wellbeing, and celebrating and protecting our spaces and places.
During the festival in October 2022

  • we engaged with 1768 members of the public of all ages from Dundee and beyond
  • of those who attended events 98% said they would attend again
  • more participants attended in 2022 than in any other year that the festival has taken place

The demand for our activities and the reputation the festival has developed has meant that we see year on year more people engaging and participating in festival activities.

Festival participants said

“Yet another reason to visit Dundee. Positive reinforcement of the image of a city which has moved with the times.”

Festival attendee

“Loved that it was local and there was representation of local artists. Gave a great sense of pride in what Dundee has to offer.”

Festival attendee

We are in the planning stages for Festival of the Future 2023 and will announce more details soon!


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