Space management

Recording use of University space and property to ensure space is used effectively and efficiently.

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Space Management is responsible for the following activities:

  • Leading in space design briefs to support the strategic planning of campus across RIBA stages 0-3
  • Provide the University with reports to aid strategic and operational requirements
  • Maintain building drawings and records of space information
  • Oversee requests of Schools/ Directorates to change the function, layout or location of space to support operational requirements
  • Manage the collection of space related data required to report to the High Educational Statistics Agency
  • Coordinate the requirements for space moves including people, furniture and equipment
  • Manage the space occupancy monitoring system
  • Principle point of contact regarding leases, property acquisitions and disposals
  • Manage internal and external signage design standards

Space utilisation

An audit on space is completed annually and is completed by the nominated space reps within each School and Directorate. This return is crucial to mapping and understanding the University space usage.

This reporting is used to submit reports for EMR (Estates Management Reporting) and TRAC (Transparent Approach to Costing).



The University’s Estate is valuable and the letting of space and service requires to be accounted for properly.


A collection of good practice principles for space management to be adopted by the Space Management Group and wider University

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