Use of University transport

Updated on 15 October 2020

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  1. Use of University vehicles for work purposes must be authorised by the Head of Department/School.
  2. Users of University vehicles must have valid driving licences, which should be presented to the Head of Department/School on the occasion of first use.
  3. Members of staff using University vehicles for work purposes must declare to their line managers any convictions for traffic offences or traffic-related crimes.
  4. No member of staff is permitted to make use of University transport for private purposes without the written permission of the University Secretary; in the case of the Principal such permission will be given by the Chairperson of Court.
  5. Drivers are required to check vehicles before use. Any damage to vehicles should be recorded and reported to the line manager without delay.
  6. Accidents incurred in the course of using University vehicles should be reported as soon as possible to the line manager.
  7. Members of staff are not permitted to carry out unauthorised passengers or animals in the course of using vehicles for work purposes.

Private vehicles

The University’s vehicle insurance policy does not provide insurance cover for the use of vehicles owned by members of staff whilst these are used on University business. In such circumstances staff should check with their insurers that their policies provide adequate cover for business use.

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