Student tuition fee refund policy

Updated on 18 October 2021

This policy sets out how a refund of tuition fees can be claimed and how it will be processed by the University.

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We would like you to be happy with your teaching and learning at the University of Dundee (the University).

However, we recognise that there may be circumstances where you wish to withdraw from the programme and seek a refund of your tuition fees. This policy sets out how a refund of tuition fees can be claimed and how it will be processed by the University.


We use capitalised terms in this document and this is what they mean.

Academic Year
means ordinarily the period running from September one year to May the next (inclusive)
Appeal Committee
means the Committee of the University who will look at appeals made in respect of refunds of tuition fees
Appeal Form
means the form used if you decide to appeal a decision in connection with this policy
Cancellation Period
means the period of 30 days from the first date of teaching
Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies
means part payment towards a tuition fee liability
School Manager
means the manager of the School in respect of which you are studying
School Office
means the office of the School in respect of which you are studying
Student Visa
means a visa to allow entry to the UK for international students who wish to study here
Temporary Withdrawal
Students returning from an approved leave of absence are not required to re-apply for admission and must enrol again on their course. Where possible students should apply in advance for an approved leave of absence (unless circumstances prevent the student from doing so). The reason for an approved leave of absence must generally be non-academic in nature and must be one that leads to a reasonable expectation that the student will return to their studies within the allowed timeframe. During an approved leave of absence, the student will not be liable for any additional charges from the University for that period, however existing charges will remain.
Withdrawal Form
means the form used if you decide to permanently withdraw from your studies

Important information

This policy forms part of your student terms and conditions and relates specifically to Clauses 7 and 12. This policy does not affect your statutory rights.

Cancellation rights

The University’s admissions process is subject to the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013.

This allows for a 14-calendar day “Cooling Off” period to cancel without penalty.

The Cooling Off Period begins from the date of acceptance of the University’s offer letter or if you are a distance learning student the date of online registration for your course.

To cancel during the Cooling Off period, please inform the University by emailing ContactUs@dundee.ac.uk.

As well as your statutory cancellation rights described above, the University will provide you with a full refund of any tuition fees paid if you decide to cancel within 30 days of the first date of teaching.

This policy does not affect your statutory rights.

Qualifying students

Students who may be paid a refund under this policy are referred to as Qualifying Students.

To be a Qualifying Student:

  1. You must be a matriculated student of the University.
  2. You must have paid your tuition fees yourself. Your tuition fees should not be paid by someone other than you (for example a third party such as a funding body or sponsor). Typically, such students are classified as “self-funding”.
  3. You must not be a student under a partnership or collaboration agreement. ICD students fall under this category.

If you are a Qualifying Student this policy applies to you and includes undergraduate, taught postgraduate and postgraduate research students. This policy also covers distance learning students.


This policy covers a Qualifying Student who voluntarily applies for withdrawal, suspends indefinitely or otherwise discontinues their studies on their academic programme after the Cancellation Period.

This policy relates to refunds of tuition fees only and does not apply to refunds of any other costs and/or expenses associated with your academic programme including but not limited to accommodation fees, travel expenses and/or other fees associated with the course (such as field trips, materials or studio fees).

This policy only applies where a student has paid tuition fees as a lump sum to the University. If a student pays in instalments, then the refund will be calculated in proportion to the amount paid in accordance with the percentages narrated in the table below. If the student withdraws on or after the commencement of Semester 2, the full amount due under any instalment plan will be payable.

Except as provided in this policy, payments are non-refundable including fees and other charges.

Third parties

If any refund of tuition fees is due by the University to a third party (i.e. not the student for example, a funding body or sponsor), the University will manage the refund process with the third party directly and this process sits outside the scope of this policy. If the student has paid a contribution of their tuition fees in addition to the third party, then this will be paid under this policy on a pro-rata basis.


The following circumstances (which are non-exhaustive) will not qualify for a tuition fee refund:

  1. No tuition fee refund will be provided where the student is in breach of the University’s policies and procedures and is disciplined by the University by being withdrawn from their academic programme or in serious cases has their studies terminated.
  2. No tuition fee refund will be provided for Temporary Withdrawals.
  3. No tuition fee refund will be provided to research students who seek a suspension from their studies.
  4. For distance learning, no tuition fee refund shall be provided outside of the Cancellation Period.
  5. No tuition fee refund will be provided where a student has been awarded an alternative award or qualification. For example, a Masters student who for reasons of academic progression graduates with an alternative Postgraduate award.
  6. No tuition fee refund will be provided where the student defers a year voluntarily through no fault of the University but at the University’s discretion the payment may be paid to account for the following year.
  7. No tuition fee refund will be provided where a student completes the academic programme earlier than advertised or expected. For example, an early submission of a thesis.
  8. Tuition fee refunds will not normally be paid for a Short Course (being a course of less than 12 months study)

International students

The following is extra information relevant for International Students (those in receipt of a CAS).

Deposit refunds

If you have paid a Deposit, a refund of your Deposit will be granted where application for a Student Visa is refused (documentary evidence of refusal will be required).

However, no refund will apply where (i) a visa application is refused due to submission of fraudulent documents/deception, or (ii) incomplete or incorrect information has been provided as part of the admissions process.

Tuition fee refunds

The University retains the right to withhold tuition fee refunds until such time as it has evidence that an International Student has returned to their home country or been granted a new period of leave by the Home Office (documentary evidence may be required). Please send confirmation of this to: Immigration Compliance Team, email: ImmigrationCompliance@dundee.ac.uk who will confirm with the appropriate School.

Refund procedure

To apply for a refund of tuition fees:

  1. Complete and submit the Withdrawal Form
  2. Your eligibility for a refund will be assessed by your relevant School. Where possible, your school on behalf of the University may offer students the opportunity to study towards a different qualification at the same level.
  3. If you are eligible for a refund, and you do not wish to study on an alternative course then the level of the refund will be determined in accordance with the table below.
  4. If you are not eligible for a refund, then you can appeal citing one of the following grounds of appeal: (a) extenuating circumstances of which the University was unaware relating to your financial situation; (b) procedural irregularities (including administrative error); and (c) prejudice or bias on the part of the School when making the decision regarding your tuition fee refund. This can be done by submitting the Appeal Form. The Appeal Committee’s decision will be final.

General obligations on Qualifying Students

It is a student’s responsibility to formally notify the University of their withdrawal at the point at which they leave the course by completing a Withdrawal Form and submitting it to their School Office.

Failure to complete and submit the Withdrawal Form to the School in a timely manner may affect any refund due.

The University’s registered date of withdrawal will be the date at which a Withdrawal Form, completed by the student, is submitted to their relevant School Manager and is subject to approval by the School Manager.

Students who temporarily withdraw their studies remain liable to pay any outstanding fees due to the University and re-enrolment will not be permitted until outstanding fees have been paid.

If a temporarily withdrawn student decides to fully withdraw, the temporary withdrawal date will be effective as the full withdrawal date, subject to Registry approval and completion and receipt of the Withdrawal Form.

Levels of Refund

A Qualifying Student who has satisfied the terms of this policy and is eligible for a refund after the Cancellation Period will be due the following level of refund:

Taught Programmes

The University operates on Academic Years for taught (undergraduate and postgraduate) programmes. These are predominantly based on two teaching semesters. If a School does not operate the two teaching semester approach, the dates in the tables below still apply. Depending on the relevant academic programme the teaching semesters start either in September or January. For the relevant dates students should consult the University semester dates available in the online calendar.

Time of Withdrawal as per the Withdrawal Form

Percentage of Tuition Fees refunded

Within Cancellation Period


After Cancellation Period but before end of first teaching semester in the academic programme as set out in the online calendar


During second teaching semester


Research Postgraduate

Time of Withdrawal as per the Withdrawal Form

Percentage of Tuition Fees refunded

Within Cancellation Period


After Cancellation Period but before end of 6 months


After Cancellation Period and after 6 months


Distance Learning

Time of Withdrawal as per the withdrawal form

Percentage of Tuition Fees refunded

Within Cancellation Period


After Cancellation Period



The following terms will apply to payments of any refund of tuition fees made under this policy:

  1. No refunds are applicable for any previous or part month’s payments should a student be withdrawn from the University due to non-payment of fees.
  2. Any credit balance pertaining to tuition fees (or if applicable deposit or other balance) will be used to offset any debt on the student’s account, thereafter a refund will be issued.
  3. Approved refunds will strictly be paid in the same method and to the same account as the money was originally received. This is to comply with Money Laundering Regulations 2017. Evidence of payment and copy bank statement will be required to verify details.
  4. Refunds will be calculated and issued in UK Pounds Sterling. In all cases, the risk stemming from currency fluctuations/conversions will be borne by the student.
  5. Refunds will not be made in cash.
  6. Refunds will normally be processed within 28 working days from the date of approval of the refund.

Relevant policies and other information

This policy should be read in conjunction with:


Complaints about the Refund process should be made using the online complaints reporting form available through the complaints web page.


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