School of Business Alumni update

Updated on 13 December 2023

We want to share key developments in the School of Business with you, our alumni, as well as celebrate the ongoing success and achievements of our global alumni community.

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I joined the School as Dean in January 2020 and through the many challenges, I have seen much evidence of a successful and engaged global alumni community working with the School of Business. It’s always refreshing to see this.

It' s also important for the School to maintain contact with all of our alumni. Each year we aim to ensure that our current students and most recent graduates understand the benefits of alumni engagement to them and to the future of our School.

I hope you enjoy The Business and I look forward to sharing future versions.

Professor Morris Altman
Dean, The School of Business

Morris Altman
“I hope you enjoy learning more about the School and some of our alumni success stories. I look forward to celebrating alumni successes further in the next edition.”

Professor Morris Altman


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