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Scholarship and bursary terms and conditions

Updated on 20 April 2023

Applies to scholarships, bursaries, and other awards funded internally by the University of Dundee

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  1. Scope of these Terms

These Terms apply to scholarships, bursaries and other awards funded internally by the University of Dundee (UoD).

Scholarships, bursaries, sponsorships and any other funding / support provided by any party other than UoD are outside the scope of these Terms. Such external funding / support may be subject to conditions and eligibility criteria determined by the awarding external party.

  1. Application process and eligibility criteria

UoD scholarships, bursaries and awards are subject to separate eligibility criteria and programme offer conditions which must be met. Applicants must also comply with the application process (including deadlines) indicated for each award.

Where the number of eligible applicants exceeds the number of available awards, UoD will select the successful applicant(s) from the pool of applicants who meet the eligibility criteria and other relevant conditions.

  1. Importance of providing UoD with accurate information

You must ensure that your application and any supporting documentation are correct, complete, accurate and up-to-date. You agree to provide UoD with any additional information UoD may reasonably require in connection with your application.

Where an applicant submits false, fraudulent, incorrect or misleading information, UoD reserves the right to:

  • reject an application for a scholarship, bursary and/or other award;

  • withdraw any offer for a scholarship, bursary and/or award (if already made); and

  • notify any relevant UoD Admissions team.

  1. Award and payment

UoD will notify you using your UoD e-mail address regarding the outcome of your application. Feedback cannot always be provided on unsuccessful applications, however where possible feedback will be given.

The award letter will set out the sum and payment terms relevant to the scholarship, bursary and/or other award and any additional conditions which require to be met.

You may be required to notify UoD in writing of your acceptance by a certain date indicated in the award letter.

Scholarships which provide living costs will be paid in monthly instalments and are to be paid into a UK Bank account. The UoD cannot issue payments into bank accounts outside the UK.

  1. Change in your circumstances

You must notify UoD promptly if there are any changes to your circumstances relevant to your application, your eligibility and/or any award made by UoD.

UoD reserves the right to withdraw any offer or cease the payment of any award, as appropriate, where your circumstances change. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • no longer meeting the eligibility criteria or other conditions;

  • a change of fee status; and

  • change of UoD programme.

  1. Withdrawals and repeat years

If you withdraw from your programme of study, you will no longer be eligible to receive UoD scholarships, bursaries and other awards. All payments will cease, effective from the date of withdrawal. Where the award is a tuition fee waiver or a payment towards UoD tuition fees, the UoD Tuition Fee Refund Policy shall not apply to any portion of tuition fees paid for by the relevant award.

If you are required to repeat a year of study (at any point throughout the duration of your study), UoD reserves the right to stop making payment under any scholarships, bursaries and/or awards.

Scholarships which are awarded per year of study, will be reviewed on an annual basis by the UoD Registry department in conjunction with the relevant School.

If you do not achieve the outcome at the end of any year, course or module, as required to maintain any awarded scholarship, bursary and/or other award, then UoD reserves the right to stop making payment under relevant scholarships, bursaries and/or awards. UoD will not fund any re-sits.

  1. Deferrals

Deferrals are considered on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of UoD. To consider a deferral request, you are required to provide UoD at least 3 months’ written notice prior to the start date of the relevant programme.

  1. Multiple awards


If an applicant or a UoD award recipient has either been awarded funding or support from external third party sources (for example SAAS or SFE) or has been awarded one or more UoD award, such applicant/recipient must promptly notify the UoD of this. This may impact their eligibility for an award. The University reserves the right to contact applicants directly if required.

Multiple awards in respect of UoD tuition fees

Applicants are not eligible for more than one UoD scholarship with the exception of the Alumni Scholarship. The eligibility criteria for each scholarship will set out if that award can be combined.

If an applicant is awarded a partially funded UoD scholarship, then the UoD reserves the right to withdraw any fully funded UoD scholarship from that recipient. Recipients can choose which award they wish to hold.

If an external third-party award covers the full UoD tuition fee for the academic year, then the individual in receipt of such award is not eligible for a UoD award in respect of tuition fees for the same academic year.

If an applicant has been awarded a discount from UoD tuition fees through an external third party, then this does not prevent such individual from qualifying for a UoD award in respect of tuition fees for the same academic year, provided that the total of the awards combined does not exceed the total UoD tuition fee. In such case UoD will provide the total sum of the relevant UoD award or an amount which together with the external third-party award does not exceed the total tuition fee, whichever is the lower.

If an applicant has a full external sponsorship, the UoD may be able to award UoD funded awards. If eligible, this will be detailed in the award letter and the sponsor will be notified. Sponsorship letters are required as evidence of payment.

In the case of partnerships, only one Award may be granted in respect of tuition fees in each academic year. In these cases, the highest value Award will apply. Other applicants may be eligible for more than one UoD Award, which will be assessed and determined by the UoD Admissions Team.

Multiple awards in respect of other cost relating to study at UoD (e.g. accommodation and living costs)

Only one UoD award may be granted in respect of other costs of study in respect of an academic year. In such case the higher value award will apply.

No UoD support towards other costs of study may be awarded in addition to an external third party award in respect of such costs for the same academic year. In such case, the individual must select the award he/she wishes to accept.

  1. Other costs

Award recipients are responsible for all costs and expenses relevant to their study, accommodation and other matters which are not covered by the award, including any remaining tuition fee payments (where the award covers a portion of tuition fees only), accommodation, meals, books, travel, etc.

You may be requested to provide evidence that you are able to meet any remaining tuition fee payments and/or provide a deposit or pre-payment for your programme of study.

  1. The award is personal to each recipient

Award recipients may not transfer their award to any other party.

  1. Error and non-compliance with these Terms

UoD reserves the right to withdraw any offer or cease the payment of any award, as appropriate, where:

  • an offer has been made in error;

  • the applicant / recipient breaches these Terms or any other conditions relevant to the award.

  1. Review of UoD decisions and complaints

UoD decisions in respect of awards are final and binding, unless one of the following apply:

  • a complaint is submitted, using the UoD complaints procedure. UoD will only accept complaints where there is evidence that UoD has not followed procedure in processing the application; or

  • in respect of automatic awards (i.e. awards made on the basis of course / programme application in respect of study at UoD and not requiring a separate application form), UoD will review eligibility if an unsuccessful applicant asks UoD to do so. You are required to set out reasons in writing why you require a review. This review process may happen post-matriculation. However, where a decision has been made based on the applicant not meeting the scholarship requirements, there is no appeals process. In these cases, the UoD complaints procedure is to be followed.

  1. Your personal data

UoD may collect personal data as part of the application process and will provide a privacy notice setting out further information regarding UoD’s processing of such personal data at the time of collection.



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