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Privacy notice for External Relations – Marketing and Recruitment

Updated on 14 May 2020

How the University of Dundee collects, uses and protects any information that you give us during the course of our marketing and recruitment activities

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How we use your information

This privacy notice sets out how the University of Dundee collects, uses and protects any information that you give us during the course of our marketing and recruitment activities.

The personal data we process is used to send you further information about studying at the University of Dundee. This may include sending you a series of emails if you sign up to receive them from one of our advertising campaigns; from our website or at a recruitment event; responding to any enquiries you submit to us via email or via our online enquiry form; sending you a printed prospectus if you request one; sending you emails to let you know about relevant events taking place on our campuses or further afield, such as Open Days or Information Events; managing bookings and attendance for Open Days or Information Events; sending texts to remind you about your event booking. We may also send you links to short online surveys by email to ask for your feedback regarding your interactions with us.

Should you become an applicant or student of the University, the personal data you provide may form part of your applicant/student record and be subject to the University’s normal terms and conditions. If you do not become an applicant or student of the University, we will anonymise your personal information if you have not interacted or engaged with us within 3 years. At this point the anonymised data will be used for internal monitoring and reporting.

We will respect your preferences concerning the ways in which we may contact you. If you wish to update these at any time, please let us know by using the Unsubscribe link in any of our marketing emails, or by emailing

Personal data

The personal data we normally process is your first name, surname and email address. If you have requested that we send you a printed prospectus we will also ask you for your postal address. If you book a place on one of our events, such as an open day, we will also ask for your mobile phone number and home address.

Depending on the nature of your enquiry or request, we may also ask you for which academic year you would be starting your course, which mode and level of study you are interested in, which

country you are currently in, which courses or subjects you are interested in or which school/college you are currently attending. We ask for this additional information to help us respond accurately and quickly to any enquiries you have made, to tailor the information we send you about the University to ensure we only send you information which is relevant to you or to measure the success of our recruitment and marketing activities.

Most of the personal data we process will have been obtained directly from you, further to your interest in studying at the University.

In some cases we may have obtained your data from a third party provider, such as education- related websites like,,,, overseas representatives (agents) that we work with, or as part of collaborative recruitment activities with other universities. In these cases you will have indicated your interest in the University of Dundee to them and given your permission for them to share your personal data with us for the purpose of sending you information about studying at the University of Dundee.

Sensitive (special categories) of personal data

We do not normally hold special categories of personal data for recruitment and marketing purposes. However, we may have such information if you provide it to us directly, for example so we can make appropriate adjustments for a disability at a University event.

Data controller

The data controller for your personal information is the University of Dundee. Your data will be

processed by the University’s nominated agents such as software or service providers.

In recruitment and marketing activities we use a number of software services and providers to manage these activities and capture and process your data. These systems currently include; Stakeholder Management (to store the details of your enquiry and prospectus request), Marketo and Campaign Monitor (to store your sign-up details from advertising and recruitment activities, combine with the history of your visits to our website and send you regular email newsletters), Eventbrite (to manage your event booking) and Blackboard ConnectTxt (to send you an SMS reminder for any events you have booked). If you go on to make an application our student management system is SITS:Vision.

Additionally, according to our Cookie Policy, if you accept our recommended cookie settings, we will store anonymous data about your visits to our website. If you go on to give us your personal data through another marketing or recruitment activity, we will match this data to your website visit history (using Marketo). This information helps us to understand what information you are

interested in and we will use this to ensure we send you relevant information by email, or deliver website content that you are more likely to be interested in (using Aquia Lift). You can update your cookie settings at any time by clicking the cog in the bottom left corner of your screen when you access our website.

These systems work together and the diagram below shows where your data is captured and when it might be transferred to another of our systems.

Data capturing in marketing and recruitment activities

We have Data Processing Agreements with each of these providers. You can view their Privacy Policies at the links below.

Stakeholder Management
Campaign Monitor

In addition, the University uses Microsoft 365 as its main productivity and communications software. These are all cloud-based systems and the providers have adopted binding corporate rules to safeguard your data. SITS:Vision is hosted on the University’s servers.

Lawful processing

The lawful grounds for processing personal data for these purposes are normally:

  • the data subject has given explicit consent to the processing of those personal data for one or more specified purposes;
  • processing is necessary for the performance of a contract to which the data subject is party or in order to take steps at the request of the data subject prior to entering into a contract;
  • processing is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation to which the controller is subject;
  • processing is necessary for the performance of a task carried out in the public interest or in the exercise of official authority vested in the controller

Where you provide the University with special categories of personal data directly, for example so we can make adjustments for disabilities, that processing is further to obligations placed upon the University in the field of social protection law.

Your rights

The University respects your rights and preferences in relation to your data. If you wish to update, access, erase, or limit the use of your information, please let us know by emailing Please note that the University will respect your right to prevent your information being used for marketing.

Where you wish to restrict the use of your personal data for the purposes outlined above, please note that we may need to retain some limited data to facilitate this request.

If you wish to complain about the use of your information please email You may also wish to contact the Information Commissioner’s Office.

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