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Updated on 28 February 2021

As hybrid working is now a formal arrangement, workplace health and safety measures are also formally extended to off-campus working.

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The work arrangement at the University of Dundee up to now has been that a member of staff undertakes the duties associated with their role primarily on University premises. It has been recognised that, on occasions, it may have been agreed with the line manager that a member of staff could work from home undertaking office based activities for a specific reason or purpose. It has also been noted that academic members of staff have typically had significant flexibility regarding when and where certain types of work are undertaken. However, very few formal home working arrangements have been written into staff contracts.

The University has now commenced a hybrid working trial for professional services staff. Academic staff continue to operate using their previous flexible arrangements. The hybrid working trial allows staff to formally request to work away from campus (typically from home) for specified amounts of time. Since such hybrid working is now a formal arrangement, workplace health and safety measures are also formally extended to the off-campus working.

Note that hybrid working and academic staff flexible working arrangements apply only to low risk office-type activities. All other higher risk work activities must be carried out on University premises.  The University recognises that the additional risks arising from staff undertaking office based activities in their home environment are very low and can be addressed by the staff member following the guidance provided to staff (see information below).  The University acknowledges that the staff member themselves are competent to undertake this type of work. 


Staff members working away from campus should follow the basic guidance in the Staff Health and Safety Handbook. In addition, staff should refer specifically to the following policies and guidance document for more detailed information.



The following are available on the Safety Services Sharepoint website:

  • Hybrid Working Guidance for Staff
  • Hybrid Working Furniture Procurement Process‌

Staff working from home should provide up to date contact details to their line manager so they can be contacted during the working day. Staff must also report any accidents or incidents in the same way that they would if they were on campus and escalate any ill health issues associated with home working. The line manager will respond appropriately to concerns raised by any staff working from home and will investigate any accidents or incidents as detailed in Safety Policy Arrangement 1-2002 (rev 2015).

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