Family Leave - Children and Dependants

Updated on 1 June 2020

An outline of the University's position on Family Leave for Children and Dependents

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The University recognises that there may be occasions when the sickness or injury of a family member means that you are unable to attend work.

We will allow reasonable time off to take necessary action to deal with the situation. Time off is normally limited up to three days without loss of pay and may be granted at the discretion of Discipline Leads / Deans / Directors. Subsequent days, paid or unpaid, may be granted, depending on the circumstances.

When calling to notify your Discipline Lead / Dean / Director of your absence, you should advise them of the reason for your absence and the possible duration. You should contact your Discipline Lead / Dean / Director in person on a daily basis if the absence extends beyond one day in order that cover arrangements can be made.

Family Leave is provided where:

  • a dependant falls ill or is injured
  • childcare or other care arrangements break down
  • a dependant has died (see Compassionate Leave – Bereavement)

The definition of a dependant is a spouse, partner, child or parent, or a person living as a family member in the same household. In the case of illness, injury or breakdown of care arrangements, a dependant can also include someone who relies on you for assistance, but may not live with you.

Discipline Leads / Deans / Directors are encouraged to allow flexible working arrangements to enable staff to attend a hospital appointment with a child or dependant. In these circumstances you should show the hospital appointment card to your Discipline Lead / Dean / Director, indicate the length of time you expect to be absent from work and make arrangements for making up the time.

If your child or dependant has to attend hospital appointments on a regular basis due to a disability or ongoing medical condition, reasonable adjustments can be discussed and agreed with your Discipline Lead / Dean / Director at this time to accommodate and support you.


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