Complaints handling procedure (CHP)

Updated on 16 February 2023

Learn how and when to use the University complaints handling procedure, and how it is governed.

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The CHP consists of five parts and was implemented on 1 February 2021:

  • Part 1: Introduction and overview
  • Part 2: When to use this procedure – guidance on identifying what is and what is not a complaint, handling complex or unusual complaint circumstances, the interaction of complaints and other processes, and what to do if the CHP does not apply
  • Part 3: The complaints handling process – guidance on handling a complaint through stages 1 and 2, and dealing with post-closure contact
  • Part 4: Governance – staff roles and responsibilities and guidance on recording, reporting, publicising and learning from complaints
  • Part 5: Guide for students – information for students and members of the public on how we handle complaints


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