Carer's Leave

Updated on 23 June 2020

Outlines the University's position on Carer's Leave and the policies and procedures in the University that carers may find relevant

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The University recognises that many staff will have caring responsibilities at some stage in their lives and continuing to work while caring can help the physical and mental wellbeing of employees and provide them with social interaction outside of their caring role.

Staying in work or returning to work while undertaking caring responsibilities may feel like a daunting prospect to an employee and they may find it helpful to take some time off or to ask the University if they can work flexibly.

The right to request flexible working may allow staff to better balance work with their caring responsibilities, but the University also has various other policies which may allow employees to combine work with their caring responsibilities depending on their particular circumstances.

Parents and others who combine work with caring for dependents have the right to be considered for flexible working and are entitled to time off for dependants to deal with unforeseen circumstances. The particular University policies which carers may find particularly relevant are:

To be eligible for flexible working for caring reasons, staff must have been continuously employed by the University for 26 weeks.

To apply for consideration for flexible working for this purpose you should refer to the Unpaid Career Break Guidance Notes and Procedure and complete and submit an Unpaid Career Break Form (please refer to the form below) to your line manager. The application form should be accompanied by a letter from your GP confirming the details of your caring responsibilities.

It should be noted that, whilst the University will seriously consider each application and, where possible, support the member of staff by agreeing to the request, the member of staff does not have a right to work flexibly and the University, therefore, reserves its position to decline a request if it is not operationally possible. Any request that is declined will be for one of eight business reasons as set out in legislation ACAS Code of Practice and as detailed under the Flexible Working Policy.

If a request for flexible working is declined, the member of staff is entitled to appeal in accordance with the Work/Life Balance Policy.



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