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Argument technology
two students working on a computer

There are many theoretical and practical aspects of argumentation. Our research spans the original philosophy through linguistics, cognitive science and AI applied to software engineering.

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Computer Vision and Image Processing
Student in VR Workshop

Our research centres on the general question of how computers can efficiently extract useful information from images, videos and associated data

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Human-centred Computing
Students working on computers around a desk

Our work includes research in accessibility, Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), social inclusion, and User Experience (UX)

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Space Technology
A satellite image of the earth from space, centred on the UK

We are involved in leading research that includes data handling onboard of spacecraft, planetary lander technology, and satellite data reception

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Computing Theory and Methodologies
A student writing

Our research into graph theory and combinatorics includes algorithmic and computational complexity aspects of graph and combinatorial problems

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