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Upskilling short courses and modules are available in a range of categories.

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Enhance your existing skills or learn something new to boost your personal and professional development with our Upskilling courses.

Supported by the Scottish Government and Scottish Funding Council Upskilling Fund you might be eligible for a fully funded place on our courses.

Art and Design


Community Education

Courses for academic year 2022-2023 will be announced by February 2023.


Health Sciences

Modules are offered at a variety of levels

  • Level 7 is equivalent to first year at university
  • Level 8 is equivalent to second year at university
  • Level 9 is equivalent to third year at university.
  • Level 10 is an honours level
  • Level 11 is Master level education; you will be expected to show evidence of studying at least level 9 in recent years

May 2023

Module number Module title Module SCQF level Available places Fee


Infection prevention and control for all Health & social care settings 7 20 Fully funded


Work Based Skills and Innovative Practice

9 20 Fully funded

Work Based Skills and Innovative Practice



Work Based Skills and Innovative Practice



Acute & critical care 9 30 £300


Acute & critical care 11 30 £500


Mentally Healthy Workplace Course for Managers

8 15 Fully funded

How to apply for Health Sciences modules

  1. Contact HealthSciences-Postqualifying@dundee.ac.uk to enquire if there are still funded places available on the module of your choice and discuss your eligibility for funding.
  2. We can only offer one module per person, to ensure as many people as possible get access to this opportunity
  3. You need to act quickly with the application process and follow the instructions provided. Delay in doing so could mean that the place will be offered to someone on the waiting list. Therefore, it is crucial that you read emails carefully.