Just Tech will create an inspirational, creative, dynamic, and unconventional space within the University of Dundee at the heart of the city.

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Just Tech will bring together new and existing industry to work alongside world leading academics, front-line forensic scientists, legal practitioners and the judiciary. 

We will harness the, as yet largely unexplored, opportunities to develop innovative solutions and new technologies to ensure that justice is accessible, affordable and fair to all in society in a changing digital world.  This will develop a new ‘technology for justice’ cluster for the City and the region creating new jobs, businesses and training opportunities.

Project themes


Turning early stage research into viable tools that make justice accessible, affordable and fair.


Creating economic value from ideas and enabling new developments to be implemented in practice.


Providing skills and training vital for the future growth of the sector.


Building a new economic cluster of legal, science and technology companies in the Tay Cities region.


The project received £15million from the UK Government as part of the Tay Cities Deal. It will build on the University's global reputation in forensic science and the work of the £10m Leverhulme Research Centre for Forensic Science, a world-leading centre in facilitating new relationships between science, law and the public.

JustTech will create spaces for interaction and creativity.  These will include a digital courtroom - a space where we can explore how new technologies can be used to shape the courtrooms of the future, enabling new tools to be designed that will ensure that justice is accessible, reliable, fair and sustainable.

JustTech will also bring the UK’s first Data Arena to the city and the region - a fully immersive, virtual reality data environment creating a feeling of ‘being inside’ data or a space allowing interaction with data by multiple people at the same time sharing the experience, creativity and insights.  It will also be open to the public, bringing the experience of how data is used in the development of evidence.

Impact arising from the investment

Through the delivery of this project we will seed a new innovation cluster for the Tay Cities Region in a global growth sector. As well as creating new jobs, companies, training, investment and economic growth locally and nationally, the project will define, develop and deliver the science and technology needed to serve justice in countries across the world.

Key outputs

Innovation and job creation

The investment will scale the innovation model, maximising benefit across the forensic science and wider STEM portfolios, developing new job opportunities and a unique new economic pipeline of global significance for the region.

Skills pipeline and graduate retention

New opportunities for graduate level employment in exciting growth companies will allow the region to retain increased numbers of graduates from science, data science and technology backgrounds.

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