Why context matters

We know not everyone who applies to study with us has the same opportunity to show their potential before they arrive.  Gaining a strong set of qualifications and study experience can be influenced by where you live, where you go to school and a range of other factors.  For these reasons, each year we look at each application in detail.  We look to see what qualifications you have and in what circumstances you have earned them. We are also especially keen to help those who have been in registered Care, who are registered Carers and those who have Government recognised refugee or asylum status.  We are determined that everyone is treated fairly and that we admit the brightest and best students, regardless of background. You may be eligible to significant support before you start your degree – why not make use of it?

How we may be able to help you

Each year we offer additional help - known as contextual support - to nearly 1,000 applicants. Nearly 200 of them take part each year in our pre-entry Summer support options (DUAL Summer School (DUAL) and Online Summer School (OSS). This means we may invite you to study with us in June and July, so if you would like to benefit from this extra free help you should think about being available then. Via UCAS, we will let you know if you qualify by stating so in your offer.

Let us help you maximise your success

We know from our research that our approach works. Our students greatly appreciate our “supported offer” approach.  Let us know if you would like to meet some of them. We want you to succeed and that is why we commit our support to you now, long before your degree starts.  The majority of applications we receive come from Scottish candidates, however, we ask our Selectors to consider the circumstances of all applicants. We have no quotas.

Crucially, we will never use anything you disclose as contextual information in a negative way. We will always encourage you to tell us of all adverse circumstances you may have faced - this is done via your UCAS application form.

Next steps

As you complete your UCAS application, please tell us about your circumstances.  If you have been or are already involved in Access activities (like Reach, ACES, LEAPS, SWAP etc.) do clearly tell us this – select “Other” under the “Previous study” option and explain in the open text sections. We want to help you towards having a great time at Dundee, enjoying our award winning student experience and earning a great degree. If you want to know more, email participation@dundee.ac.uk

Putting everything in context gives us the biggest and clearest picture about you.

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