Yogesh Bhatia- LLM Corporate & Commercial Law

Published on 28 November 2023

Yogesh Bhatia, Research Contracts Officer at the University of Bath, reflect upon his experience studying at the University of Dundee.

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Having recently graduated from the LLM Corporate and Commercial Law programme, and achieving an overall Distinction, Yogesh explained how his “career took an interesting turn after I graduated from Dundee.” Having returning to India following the hand-in of his dissertation, Yogesh received a surprise communication from the University of Bath saying that he had been shortlisted in a recent job application. 

“I felt elated about this opportunity and went ahead straightaway with the interview process. Eventually, I was selected for the post, and all this happened even before I officially graduated from Dundee. 

“I think my qualification from Dundee and my prior work experience together helped me secure a confirmed job in the UK. I am now happily working as the Research Contracts Officer in the Research and Innovation Services department at the University of Bath and advising the University in its contractual matters.”

Speaking about his programme of study specifically, Yogesh said “I’m glad that I chose to study the specialised LLM programme for my postgraduate studies. I enjoyed the flexibility of the course, allowing me to choose from optional modules based upon my own personal interests as well as the core modules. This also meant that the structure of my LLM programme felt personalised, allowing me to specialise. I found the University’s international academic exposure also very appealing.”

When asked about what his time at the University meant to him, Yogesh said “I feel privileged to have been taught by some of the best faculty members who carry a wealth of knowledge and great teaching experience with them. My time at the University of Dundee also exposed me to different life experiences. Learning how to live independent, managing & structuring my own time and routine, meeting and interacting with new people from different cultures and perspectives and so on. All of this helped me broadened my horizons and shaped my personality in a new way.”

“Living in the city of Dundee was also a new and exciting experience for me. It’s a calm and very peaceful city, which works well for students. The people in Dundee are also very warm, friendly, and welcoming, especially towards international students. Dundee also sits right near the sea and has pleasant weather during the most part of the year.”

I came to know about the University of Dundee through some friends and was pleased to find out that the Law school had been ranked highly in the UK in recent years. My Dundee education gave me the wings of knowledge, confidence, and the ability to achieve success in both personal and professional life. It is and always will be very special to me.”

Studying on the LLM Corporate and Commercial Law programme provides individuals with the skillset and knowledge to prepare for your further legal career, by studying a broad range of commercial modules which highlight issues of practical and contemporary relevance. 

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