Winter Graduation for Orthopaedic & Trauma Surgery

Published on 22 November 2023

A list of University Department of Orthopaedic & Trauma Surgery (UDOTS) graduates at the School of Medicine graduation ceremony

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A total of 46 students studying programmes at the University Department of Orthopaedic & Trauma Surgery (UDOTS) graduated at the School of Medicine Winter Graduation Ceremony held on Thursday 14 November 2023.

Not even the atrocious weather and torrential rain could dampen the excitement of graduates, family and friends, and staff who attended the ceremony at Dundee’s splendid Caird Hall.

Not only would we like to extend our congratulations to our UDOTS Graduates but also to every student who felt the affirmative tap of the Dundee brush during the ceremony. The traditional Dundee bonnet is used each year by the Chancellor to symbolically confer degrees upon all graduates. The City was filled with excited students, parents, friends and proud staff attending Graduation and the post-ceremony Garden Parties on Campus and get-togethers after the ceremony.

Dr Tim Drew (Senior Lecturer, UDOTS) commented: 

“On this extra special day it’s always extremely rewarding to see our students completing their respective degrees and graduating. On behalf of all the UDOTS staff, I’d like to congratulate every student who graduated and wish them a successful career. I hope you’ve enjoyed your time in Dundee, and we’d like to hear from you about your career progression and your future achievements so please stay in touch with us and visit when you can.”

Dr Tim Drew (Senior Lecturer, UDOTS)

Bachelor of Medical Science - Applied Orthopaedic Technology

Evangeline Brown (First Class Honours)
Charlotte Cobb (First Class Honours)
Margaret Houston (First Class Honours)
Benjamin Kelly (First Class Honours)
Innes Minucci (First Class Honours) - In Abs
Paul Ritter (First Class Honours)

Postgraduate Certificate in Motion Analysis

Clinton Schembri Francalanza - In Abs

Postgraduate Diploma in Motion Analysis

Lee Daggett - In Abs

Postgraduate Diploma in Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Technology

Petra Goessen - In Abs
Elaine Hatton - In Abs
Caroline Varrall - In Abs
Findlay Welsh - In Abs

Master of Research - Sports Biomechanics and Rehabilitation

Russelliana Clark
Isobel Jupp (with Distinction)

Master of Science - Motion Analysis

Azeez B Ekundayo
Mukul Kaushik
Samson O Tossu

Master of Science - Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Technology

Samra Afzal
Nimra Ahmed
Bushra Ali
Horia Ali
Rawan Alshahrani
Reuben Ansah-Sarpong
Shi Feng - In Abs
Wanyun Huang - In Abs
Yaowei Huang - In Abs
Chikamso Ibenezim
Jennifer Ibenye
Chippy Kalappattu Raju
Nagma S Khoja
Jiaxin Li
Mengmei Li
Sanjaykumar Bhikhabhai Mithar
Jennifer Ogbuzuo
Shivsen Chandrakant Raut
Eldho Reni
Mohit Sen
Hui Sheng - In Abs
Herbert C Udogaranya
Jingying Xu - In Abs
Zijun Xu
Muneeb Zafar
Wajahat A Zafar
You Zhou - In Abs

Master of Science - Orthopaedic Science

Maazuddin Syed

Master of Science - Sports and Biomechanical Medicine

Christopher Bruce - In Abs


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