Venture 2019 Final

Published on 27 October 2022

Eleven members of the University of Dundee community won a total of £27,500 of funding for their business ideas at the finals of the Venture 2019 competition.

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The finals, which took place on 1 March 2019, marked the culmination of the University’s annual Entrepreneurship Week.

The Venture 2019 winners are as follows:

Undergraduate Student Award -£2,000

Albion Adventures - £1,500

David White and his team were awarded £1,500 for their plan to 'provide people the ability to go on their very own quest.' As he states, 'The company hopes to start by offering packs containing all the information you need to make your adventure a memorable one. The routes will be based on locations from history and mythology and will be of different duration to fill a week-long family holiday or a quick weekend away.'  

Dair - £500

Rosella Elphinstone was the runner-up, and was awarded £500 for her plan to create 'an aerial entertainment provider with a website service on which clients can book and custom-create aerial acts for any event.’

School of Business Student Award - £2,500

Root Cause - £2,500

Cassidy Russell and her team were awarded £2,500 for their business plan. As she states, 'We aim to reduce the use of plastic waste, especially associated with the waste of black plastic. Our idea is to reduce the consumption of plant pots in garden centres by giving users another way to transport their plants home in an Eco-friendly fashion.’

School of Science and Engineering Student Award - £3,000

Health Alliance -£3,000

Yinling Zhu and her team were awarded £3,000 for their plan to create a sock for people with diabetes. Their business, Health Alliance, 'will help to prevent diabetics getting a diabetic foot. It shapes and feels the same as a normal sock, allowing patients to wear them in their daily life without disturbance.’

A group called Health Alliance speaking at the Venture 2019 final competition giving their presentation

Health Alliance presenters

Art and Design Student Award - £2,500

Theo - £1,500

Jodie Sinclair was awarded for her idea to help ACL injury sufferers. As she states, ‘Theo is a sleek and lightweight ‘smartband’ designed for those who have suffered from an ACL sporting injury. The smartband can be used as a data collector and motivator during physiotherapy or daily activities, by using EMG biofeedback sensors and a mobile app.’

Badass Bras - £1,000

Georgia was awarded £1,000 for her bralette business. She describes Badass Bras as, 'a business start-up that creates and sells upcycled bralettes from waste fabric with the aim of becoming a Community Interest Company, benefiting women in need of lingerie within Dundee.’

Postgraduate Student Award -£3,000

Foresight - £3,000

Robbie Beautyman was awarded £3,000 for his business, Foresight, which 'takes the shape of an interactive map and accompanying audio device which when used in unison, allow the user to anticipate what they will come across in a hillwalking environment, giving them the tools to plan their own walking route and explore a new place in confidence.’

Robbie Beautyman presenting at the Venture 2019 competition standing at a podium with a blue Centre for Entrepreneurship banner

Robbie Beautyman presenting at the Venture 2019 competition

Recent Graduate Award - £3,000

Waulking Cases - £3,000

Campbell Scanlan was awarded £3,000 for his business, Waulking Cases, which 'will give robust structural properties to Harris Tweed to create a range of high quality contemporary luggage.’

Staff Award (Non-Research) 

The Convertibles - £4,000

Maija Nygren was awarded £4,000 for her Venture, 'The Convertibles.' The Convertibles is 'is a circular economy model of kids wear, with added educational value. The garment is designed to grow along the growth of the child as well as provide stimulation of the senses and fine motor skills.’

Research Staff Award - £7,500

Ten Biotech - £7,500

Dr Robyn Hickerson and her team were awarded £7,500 for their Venture. Robyn delivered the pitch over Skype, as she was in the U.S. at the time of the competition. As they state, 'We have developed and patented a skin model that mimics living skin and thus provides a state-of-the-art tool for skin biology research and pharmaceutical and cosmetic testing.’ 

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