Tilly graduated and now works in the Civil Service

Published on 21 July 2019

I'm Tilly Sherwood, and I studied MA (Hons) International Relations and Politics

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I’ve managed a fair amount since graduating in 2018 – I joined the Civil Service in August 2018. 

I managed to get a job with the Civil Service when I graduated after lots of meetings with the Careers Service team at Dundee, who were really helpful. They talked me through the application process and helped me with preparations for every stage of the process.

My degree in International Relations and Politics gave me a solid grounding in the workings and functions of government, and also taught me all about how states interact with each other. I’ve been able to draw on the knowledge I gained throughout my time at Dundee in meetings with partners across government, and have used analysis and presentation skills throughout the year I’ve been a Civil Servant.

My new role will involve managing a small team, where I will draw on the leadership skills (and probably some of the conflict management skills!) that I developed at DUSA when I worked there as part of the Customer Safety team.


Press Office, University of Dundee

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