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TikTok star’s jewellery shows off the bling behind bacteria

Published on 18 May 2022

Science and art have often been thought of as very separate practices, but one University of Dundee student is on a mission to showcase the beauty in bacteria

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Jewellery Design student Chloe Fitzpatrick has created ‘bacteria jewellery’ in collaboration with the  School of Life Sciences and the James Hutton Institute, to culture her own unique colours from the bacteria found on her body and in plants.

Chloe is among hundreds of students exhibiting their work at the University’s Art, Design and Architecture Degree Show 2022, which opens to the public on Saturday 21 May.

Chloe, 21, has designed a range of jewellery including rings for both plants and humans, through preserving the colours created by the bacteria in UV resin.

Inspired by the growing BioArt and Design movement, she often adds a living element to her work, creating her own pigments from bacteria grown in her body and plants.

Parts of her body and plants were swabbed and transferred to LBS nutrient agar, which grew a range of bacterial colonies. These allowed Chloe to select the coloured colonies she liked and 'isolate' them on a new agar plate to multiply the colour.

Once the coloured colonies grew, UV resin was poured onto the plates, mixed and set into a rubber mould then sealed with gloss.

Chloe said, “The goal for this project is to help people acknowledge the hidden world of bacteria that surrounds us day-to-day and to reconnect with a part of nature that is not commonly thought of.

“I believe bacteria has great potential of becoming an environmentally friendly alternative to heavy chemical-based dyes and pigments, this is something I am excited about exploring in future projects.

“I believe that the micro and bacterial world has a lot of potential in sustainable material development, with a rich range of colours, shapes and forms that could inspire the next generation of artists and designers.

Chloe also received over 20 million views on the video sharing app ‘TikTok’ where she has received global praise for innovative design style.

The launch of the Degree Show will be open to the public on Saturday 21 May to students, staff, families, friends and other visitors.

It celebrates the extensive achievements of the graduating students from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design. The work on display will represent the culmination of years of creative development and hard work.

Entry to the DJCAD Degree Show 2022 is free, with further details available online.

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