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A 'thank you' to our students

Published on 28 September 2020

The University of Dundee and Dundee University Students’ Association have issued a 'thank you' message to our students.

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Thousands of students are arriving to begin Semester One at Dundee. Many arrived in the city over the past week and particularly the weekend, with many moving in to halls of residence.

All feedback from local police and University Security and Residences team showed the vast majority of students had behaved excellently and within all guidance relating to Covid-19, including the University’s own `Covid Code’.

In a joint message to students, Professor David Maguire, Interim Principal & Vice-Chancellor, and Scott Quinn, President of Dundee University Students’ Association, said, “On behalf of the University and DUSA we wanted to say a big thank you to all who have arrived on campus or elsewhere in the city ahead of the start of Semester One.

“We appreciate the developing situation around Covid-19 has been difficult to follow, as guidelines and regulations have been changing at speed. A lot has been asked of you, and will continue to be asked of you, but you are all responding tremendously well.

“The evidence from the weekend is that the vast majority of you have followed our Covid Code and all of the regulations. Tayside Police and our own Security teams have reported excellent behaviour across campus and the wider area on what is one of our busiest weekends of the year, as students arrive in your thousands, and asked that we also pass on their thanks.

“DUSA enjoyed an extremely positive weekend packed with online events, the response to which has been amazing.

“This is a very encouraging start. There will be more challenges ahead, there will be more demands placed on all of us. By working together, being responsible, and staying safe we can still make the most of the Dundee experience.”


Roddy Isles

Head of Corporate Communication

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