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Summer of study bring joys for students

Published on 26 July 2019

Hundreds of University of Dundee learners had a spring in their step on Friday after completing their path towards higher education.

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More than 200 attendees of the Access and Online Summer School were honoured after completing the six-and-a-half week programme.

The initiatives provide intensive preparation and alternative routes into degree courses for students whose true academic potential is often masked by circumstance.

Dr John Blicharski, Course Director, said, “Our Access Summer Schools allow more people to fulfil their ambition of attending university by providing them with the necessary preparation and qualifications.

“This year’s students have worked extremely hard and it is always tremendous to watch them share in their success with family and friends. As graduates, Access students have gone on to many keys jobs with several becoming University staff, teaching the modules that they once took part in.

“Our reputation for quality learning continues to grow. This year we had 240 people participating, a record number, and we look forward to following the achievements of this year’s students as they continue their educational journey.”

Since launching in 1993, the Access Summer Schools have helped more than 2,600 students into higher education. Now in its 27th year, the programmes have been cited nationally as an example of best practice, with the vast majority of students from this summer’s courses expected to return to the University as undergraduates in September.

An integral part of the Access Summer Schools is the hiring of students who have previously completed the course as mentors to support the new intake.

“I feel really proud to have worked with this year’s students, having completed Access Summer School myself last year,” said student mentor Daniel Williamson, who is now an undergraduate at Dundee studying Mathematics.

“My experience at Access Summer School was incredible and I made friends on that course that are now my flatmates.

“Access Summer School really prepared me for student life, even with simple things like essay writing tips that have really helped my results. It is one of the best things I have ever done and I could not recommend it enough for anybody contemplating studying at University.”


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