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Published on 30 July 2020

Our CEPMLP students are encouraged to look and apply for internships which, in some cases, can even be used in place of their course dissertation

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L-R: Jeremy Odor, Susan Nakanwagi, and Kashamo Bahago

Internships provide a platform in which current students can shine in the workplace. Also, they are hugely beneficial to the companies providing the student placement.

At the Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy, students are invited to participate in approved internships. In fact, an internship can be an approved alternative to writing the dissertation module in several of our Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy courses.

“CEPMLP provides education for leaders in energy. High-quality internships with international organisations and leading companies in the sector are an essential part of that education. Such internships are very competitive. We are proud of our students obtaining the internships. The experience will help launch their careers.”

Volker Roeben, Professor of Energy Law, International Law and Global Regulation

In the class of 2020, a number of students secured fantastic internships. Volker spoke to some of the CEPMLP students to ask them for advice for current and prospective students who are thinking about applying for an internship.


Kashema Bahago, from Nigeria, International Energy Studies and Oil and Gas Economics MSc

"My time at the University of Dundee was an amazing time. Above all, I gained a solid understanding of the energy industry from oil and gas, to electricity and the need to transition to low carbon economy."

Jeremy Odor, also from Nigeria, International Energy Law and Policy LLM

"I decided to study at the University of Dundee due to CEPMLP’s global recognition for excellence and its strong Alumni network. Additionally, CEPMLP has also been consistently ranked top for studying energy law by the LLM Guide and this mainly informed my decision for coming here!"

Susan Nakanwagi, from Uganda, chose to study a PhD at CEPMLP and is due to graduate in 2022

"I attained my LLM in Natural Resources Law and Policy from the University of Dundee. CEPMLP was, therefore, my first option for the PhD as I was already assured of the excellent facilities."


How did you first find out about internships?


I found out about the Legal Affairs Internship programme at the United Nation’s Climate Change Secretariat (UNFCCC) through the University of Dundee.


The Director of CEPMLP informed us of the internship opportunity with the International Energy Agency and called upon students to apply..so I did!

What did you have to do to apply for this internship?


Firstly, the UN requires applicants to be enrolled in a graduate or master’s programme at a recognized university at the time of application and for the duration of the internship. Secondly, this particular role required applicants to possess strong writing and analytical skills, hence, I was required to submit a writing sample or an article to demonstrate this. Furthermore, because the internship had a legal role within the legal affairs division of the UNFCCC, professional legal experience in a law firm or international organisation was a strong asset likewise strong academic performance and other relevant skills.

What you will be doing during your internship?


I have been at the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) since January 2020 after completing my modules in December 2020. I worked on some OPEC projects including Linking Energy Poverty to Human Development Index in the Sub-Saharan Africa. I’m currently working on quantifying OPECS contribution to the global economy and in stabilising the volatility in the oil market from 1960 to date. This internship is based in Vienna, Austria.


Interns are typically requested to undertake assignments in connection with the ongoing activities and projects within the Legal Affairs division under the supervision of a legal officer. This often includes analytical work and research projects, including research in literature and treaty practice/jurisprudence as well as the writing of summaries, briefing notes and background papers on different topics. Due consideration is also given to the nature of the projects currently being undertaken in the Programme. This internship is based in Bonn, Germany


My duties involve policy analysis on the regulation of methane gas emissions from the oil and gas industry. I will be working with the OECD under the Legal Department of the International Energy Agency. This internship is based in Paris, but due to Covid-19 I am remotely working from Dundee at the moment.

What are your future plans for after the internship?


After the internship, I plan to return to my home country of Nigeria to work in either the oil and gas sector, or, the companies in the electricity value chain.


I intend to enrol for a Doctorate degree programme after my internship.


My plan is to seek employment with global leading organisations in the field of policy, energy, climate change or natural resources

Do you have any advice for other students trying to find out about internships?


My advice for students trying to find internships is to begin the search and application for internship programs online from the very first semester they begin their studies. This is very important particularly for international students. The process involved can be demanding particularly if the internship location is not in the UK and also to ensure that the internship period aligns with the internship/ thesis module period scheduled by CEPMLP in other to graduate in due time.


As applying for a UN internship is highly competitive, one must bear in mind that the majority of the applicants are top candidates in their disciplines and as such, an applicant must be prepared to stand out in every little way they can, either by strong academic grades or with emphases on their diversity of skills. As Ralph Waldo Emerson would say; "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm"

About CEPMLP and internships

At CEPMLP, students are invited to take the opportunity of participating in approved Internships as an alternative to writing the dissertation component of their taught degree programmes.

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