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St Andrews and Dundee students face off for Varsity

Published on 23 September 2019

Elite athletes from two of Scotland’s top universities will serve up a show of sporting excellence this week as they go head-to-head in a new Varsity between the Universities of Dundee and St Andrews

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The inaugural inter-university event, which takes place on Wednesday 25th September, will see more than 20 sports clubs taking part, including Archery, Badminton, Basketball, Fencing, Futsal, Shinty, Lacrosse, Tennis, Triathlon and Volleyball among others.

Whilst the rivalry is very much of the friendly kind, competition for bragging rights is sure to be fierce as the two Universities have not competed against each other in a solo Varsity before.

Angelos Konstantinou, Sports Union President at the University of Dundee, said, “Varsity is a great opportunity to showcase Dundee’s sporting prowess. We are more than ready to take on our peers across the Tay whilst also reminding fans of our joint heritage and continued connections with the University of St Andrews.”

Leah Allcock, Athletic Union President at the University of St Andrews, said, “We're really looking forward to testing ourselves against our nearest neighbours. The connection between St Andrews and Dundee is one of the things that will make this event so special. We're excited to create a friendly competition between the Universities which will also make the two closer.”

The sporting contests take place throughout the day on Wednesday 25th September in venues across Tayside and Fife, concluding with a highly anticipated Netball match.


Press Office, University of Dundee