Space – The Final Frontier

Published on 19 April 2019

STAR-Dundee, a world-leading provider of spacecraft electronics, has its roots very firmly in the University of Dundee’s School of Science and Engineering

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"STAR-Dundee spun out of the University of Dundee sixteen years ago, when it was simply myself and three of my PhD students developing electronic components for the aerospace industry in our spare time," reveals Professor Steve Parkes, Chief Technology Officer at STAR-Dundee. "Today, we’re an employee-owned company with 25 employees and offices in Dundee and Barcelona, working with the world’s space agencies and aerospace industry.

" SpaceWire is a computer network used on-board spacecraft to collect data from scientific instruments, to pass it to electronic units that process the data and store the data temporarily, and to then send it to the downlink radio system which beams the information back to Earth. The SpaceWire standard was written by the University of Dundee with inputs from international spacecraft engineers.

The University of Dundee and STARDundee are currently working on a new development – SpaceFibre, a faster, more capable version of SpaceWire, which provides high-reliability and high-availability. "SpaceFibre is just beginning to be adopted by space agencies," continued Professor Parkes. "It is already being designed into spacecraft electronic systems by several major aerospace companies. STAR-Dundee’s technology leads the way in aviation and spacecraft electronics."

“More than 100 spacecraft are currently being designed or already in use for monitoring the Earth, exploring planets and asteroids, mapping our galaxy and exploring the further reaches of our solar system are using STAR-Dundee’s innovative computer network technology – SpaceWire." ”

Professor Steve Parkes


Press Office, University of Dundee

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