SLS Summer School Symposium showcases research successes

Published on 16 August 2019

Over 50 undergraduate students have been undertaking life science summer projects within the University over the past few months.

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Over 50 undergraduate students have been undertaking life science summer projects within the University over the past few months. They presented their research projects at the Annual Summer School Symposium that took place on Wednesday 14th and Thursday 15th August. 

Anton Gartner, Summer School Programme Lead, and Sheriar Hormudzi, SLS Employability Lead, said, "This years summer school was once again an amazing success. Learning by doing, and being placed into a real-world work environment- doing an apprenticeship. We truly enjoyed sitting through the symposium, we all learned a lot; top science, new methods, amazing biology. An amazing diversity of research ranging from medicine, plant science, drug discovery, structural biology, parasitology, gene expression, computational biology to advanced genetics and signalling was presented. All of us deserved a celebration, and we did this in a local pub. Thanks again to all the PhD students, Postdocs and PIs who supported us, thanks to the funders and thanks to the great administrative support."

The students have worked with scientists from across all life science disciplines. The majority have been based within the School but others have undertaken projects at the School of Medicine and at the James Hutton Institute, where our division of Plant Sciences is based. Funding has come from a number of sources including our Sir James Black Prize Vacation Scholarships (funded by the Wellcome Trust), the MRC unit, Medical Research Scotland, the Lister Institute and the DDU and from individual PIs.

The students who have participated in the Summer School are undergraduates at the University of Dundee and from other Universities across the UK and globe who were keen to interact with our internationally renowned scientists.

Anton Gartner will be stepping down soon from his role as Summer School Programme Lead at the end of this month after 8 years in the role. 

Julian Blow, Dean of School, said, "I would like to thank Toni for his huge contribution in organising, invigorating and making such a huge success of the programme.  It has grown exponentially under his stewardship, starting from a handful of students in GRE some 8 years ago, to more than 40 students placed annually in labs across SLS and the School of Medicine in recent years."

Paul Davies will take on the Programme Lead role from 1st September with Sheriar Hormudzi continuing to be closely involved in the selection procedure, in expanding placement opportunities, and in ensuring excellent student experience.

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