School of Life Sciences hosts “The First Scottish cryo-EM symposium”

Published on 5 December 2023

A one day symposium for the Scottish cryo-EM community took place on 30 November 2023

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The First Scottish cryo-EM symposium attracted over 90 participants from across academia and industry. 

The event provided the opportunity to hear updates from the rapidly growing community of researchers using cryo-EM in their research as well as in technological developments. The Scottish EM community has collaborated to establish facilities and develop expertise across the Universities of Glasgow, Edinburgh, St Andrews and Dundee. 

Speakers from the School included Alessio Ciulli, Tom Owen Hughes, Yogesh Kulathu, and Iona Wallace (Swatek Group).  Mark Nakasone and Charlotte Crowe (Ciulli Group) supported by the CeTPD admin team organised what was a very successful event.

Mark Nakasone and Charlotte Crowe (Ciulli Group) secured £4,000 in funding from a SULSA Network grant and generous sponsors. Diane Purves and Louise McGreavey helped establish a flexible cost centre that provided free food day, including 30 pizzas. The CeTPD Admin Team, especially Diane Purves and Emelye Macqueen were critical to planning the event and facilitating its smooth operation. Kevin Haubrich provided high-quality photography. 

The event was very well-received with a lot of following on Twitter and Linkedin (#Scottish_cryoEM23) and a major improvement from iSCEM-DD in 2022. Overall, Dundee leading by example in cryo-EM has sparked the interest of many and helped contribute to Scotland’s growing cryo-EM community. 

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