Rick’s Master of Education story

Published on 29 July 2022

From international education to designing learning experiences in the hospitality and tourism industry, Rick tells us how the MEd influenced his career.

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“I was looking for a university which offered an affordable online, part-time, distance Master’s of Education degree at a credible university. When I came across the University of Dundee, I knew it was the right option for me. 

The tutors were knowledgeable and helpful, and the module options were interesting and relevant to me. I particularly enjoyed ‘Innovation in the Curriculum’ and ‘Leadership, Change and Organisational Development’ modules as they were designed to encourage critical thinking and the application of research to my practice.  

The readings were challenging but helped to develop my knowledge and thinking in the area. There was also a degree of flexibility in the assignments, which allowed me to choose a topic I wanted to write about. 

“I got a lot out of studying the degree and felt proud to get a distinction. The best part was seeing the results and knowing that the hard work paid off.   ”

Ricardo John Grammatica

My career has changed both during and since graduation and I’ve been able to work both internationally and in the UK. 

2013 - 2016 (Thailand) - English Curriculum Program Manager for a recruitment agency and language school. I was managing and training teachers, developing curriculum, and running workshops for Thai government schools and organisations in Bangkok.  

As an English Curriculum Program Manager, I was developing my knowledge and expertise in Education. I wanted to study a Master's of Education to develop my expertise and progress in my career. Shortly after starting the Master's, I moved to SISB. The move from the Thai government sector to the private sector (specifically an international school) meant a higher standard of teaching.  

2017 - 2021 (Thailand) - Primary Teacher for Singapore International School Bangkok (SISB). I taught English and Social Studies to Primary students and held leadership positions, such as Head of Department and Year Head.  

2021 - 2022 (England) - Learning Designer for Coventry University Online. As a learning designer, I worked with subject matter experts and media developers to design resources and degree modules.  

August 2022 (England) - Learning Experience Designer for Flow Learning by Mapal. I start this new role in August, where I'll be helping to design learning experiences for the hospitality and tourism industry.  

Studying the Master's helped me to develop my teaching, as I read and used more research. The modules in ‘Innovation in the Curriculum’ and ‘Leadership, Change and Organisational Development’ helped develop my understanding of policy and leadership, which helped me to be a better leader in my management roles.” 

 Another great benefit of studying the Master's was to improve my research and writing skills. This has helped me to co-write articles that have appeared in the Times Educational Supplement Scotland and has proved crucial in my last position for Coventry University Online. Working in Higher Education requires a familiarity with research and academic writing.  

Finally, and arguably most importantly, the Master's formalises and adds credibility to my passion for education. This has grown my confidence and expertise, helping me to take on new opportunities and develop in my career.” 


Press Office, University of Dundee

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