Retirement of Professor Andy Evans

Published on 28 May 2021

Andy Evans, Clinical Professor of Imaging Science and Technology at the University of Dundee, will be retiring from the School of Medicine on the 4th of June.

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Professor Rory McCrimmon, Dean of the School of Medicine, said “I want to express, on behalf of all of us, our thanks to Andy for his many contributions to the University and NHS Tayside.

“Andy is a graduate of Birmingham Medical School and became a consultant radiologist with a speciality interest in breast imaging in 1992. Subsequently he was appointed Director of the Nottingham International Breast Education Centre 2006. In 2009, Andy moved to Dundee to become Professor of Breast Imaging. Since his arrival, Andy has done much to establish an outstanding academic breast unit in Dundee. He has become a world-leading expert on ultrasound shear wave elastography and has used this technology to improve prognostic information and prediction of systemic treatment response in breast cancer. In addition, his work with shear wave elastography has changed clinical practice, enabling greater numbers of women with benign breast masses (fibroadenomas) to avoid the need for biopsy.

“Andy also contributed to and led many major multicentre clinical studies that investigated the clinical effectiveness of new breast imaging technologies such as digital breast tomosynthesis and contrast-enhanced spectral mammography. These studies help to identify the most efficient as well as the most effective ways of applying such technologies in the investigation of breast disease.

“Andy also helped develop the medical students, staff and researchers who have worked with him over the years, with many of the projects he has supervised resulting in conference presentations and journal articles. In fact, it has become the norm in recent years for Andy’s team members and supervisees to feature heavily among the prize-winners at UK breast imaging conferences, illustrating the leading role Dundee has come to play in this field during his tenure.

“At home he has been a dedicated proponent of teaching and training in Radiology in the Medical School and NHS Tayside while abroad he has regularly made trips to Gaza, with the charity Medical Aid for Palestinians, to support medical training and setting up services in breast imaging.

“I know I speak for all of you when I express the gratitude of the School of Medicine and University for all his contributions and we wish him all the best in his retirement.”


Press Office, University of Dundee
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