Reflections from our 2021 - 2022 Careers Ambassadors

Published on 30 June 2022

Katie Steele (2nd year Business Management student) and Bori Szilagyi (4th year Scots Law student) share their experiences of what they learned and gained from being our 2021 - 2022 Career Ambassadors

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Katie Steele


Through my time as a Careers Ambassador, I’ve gained many new skills and experiences that are proving useful currently and will continue to help me in the future.  This year has been such a great experience and I have learnt so much from my time with the Careers Service.

The training we received, in particular the social media training, was super insightful and has helped me in my Business Management degree.  As an ambassador, I have learnt how to make eye-catching and informative social media posts on Canva.  I have been able to use the knowledge and skills I gained from this training in my marketing coursework.

One of the first tasks we did as ambassadors was speaking to students during freshers’ week.  It was a fun experience interacting with other students from various degree disciplines and it was interesting speaking to lots of new people who I wouldn’t ordinarily get to meet.  I have been able to use this event as evidence for my experience in communication which helped me to get my current part-time job.

I also got to learn more about what services the Careers Service offers.  I have then used these services which has boosted my confidence surrounding future career prospects.  

Working with fellow ambassador Bori and the rest of the team was a great experience.  Everyone was friendly and helpful, and I have learnt a lot about successfully working within a team.

Overall, my experience as a Careers Ambassador has been great.  I have been able to meet and work with so many new and interesting people and I have learnt new skills which will be of great use in the future.

Bori Szilagyi


Hello, my name is Bori, and I was one of the Careers Ambassadors for the 2021/2022 academic year. I had the best time working for the Careers Service, where I met such great students, societies, and staff members. My role was so diverse, we had different tasks for every week, and it was fun to work with Katie, the other Careers Ambassador, and the many societies. The workload was flexible, and we had the chance to return to some in-person events after a long break because of Covid. The Careers Service staff was also very understanding with me being in my final year and I could adjust my tasks to my schedule.

I will miss being a Careers Ambassador and I think I could not have ended my degree in a better way with this opportunity. Thanks to the Careers Service, I have gained such insight and skills into the careers field and the job market on which I can rely for years to come, and of course, I can always return for advice.

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