Reflecting on time in Dundee

Published on 16 December 2021

Parul Mishra from London, travelled to Scotland in 2017 to start her BSc Business Management degree. This was the start of an incredible journey for her. She reflects on her 4-years in Dundee.

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"I really enjoyed my university experience (despite the fact I still haven't ticked trying haggis off my bucket list) and I am so thankful to Dundee for the countless opportunities it has provided me with. For one, my time here has helped shape me into the person I am today, and I owe the fact I am now employed to my lecturers and my university.

"In my first year I faced a few difficulties fitting into a new, quieter (and much colder!) environment, but I feel this has made me a more resilient and well-rounded person as I've learnt to step outside my comfort zone and be able to interact with a more diverse group of people.

"I received a scholarship to study in China, participated in the Enterprise Challenge, represented my School as a Student Ambassador and founded my own society, making countless lifelong friends along the way. It was an experience I wholeheartedly enjoyed and by the end of my time there I was truly heartbroken to leave (I literally cried for 5 hours).

"Most universities will cover a handful of modules over the years whereas we covered something like 26 modules. Let's be honest, not many people know exactly what they want to do before university. I'd say the broadness of this degree was by far the best thing about it, as it meant that our business knowledge was very comprehensive and there was something of interest to every individual person. It also means that there is scope to go into whatever you want. My job applications included event management, PR, marketing, civil services, postal services, interior design, sales, consulting, finance, technology...I could go on for ages. Some people think business is a wasted degree - I strongly beg to differ."

Parul successfully secured employment this year.

"My company's aim is to reduce the IT service costs of our clients by identifying inefficiencies within their IT networks and aligning our solutions with their strategic objectives. We have a key focus on ensuring our clients are cyber secure and safe from the growing number of cyber threats to businesses by eliminating any identified weaknesses. Our experience in various industries has proven our ability to adapt and apply our technical expertise in any environment and, as such, I feel the versatile nature of this work provides an excellent opportunity for my personal learning and professional growth.

"My role as an IT Services Specialist is ensuring our clients’ IT systems are optimised and efficient, as well as prospecting new clients who we can help to get more out of their business e.g. by streamlining their processes. I am always looking for the opportunity to listen and respond to clients’ requirements by providing solutions of value - developing bespoke IT service plans. Implementing these plans help maximise profit, time and efficiency of their day-to-day operations. Every day is unique and, as a very outgoing person, I love that I can interact with a variety of people on a daily basis.

"Never did I think in 2017 that I would be sat at my computer writing this as an IT Services Specialist. Even when I started the job, I was unsure of the relevance my degree would provide. But now, in retrospect, I see so many links between my learning and what I do now; I'm able to see from a business owner's perspective and identify the challenges they face in their daily operations, which in turn has made me perform better in an IT sales role as I can directly translate the benefits of technology into business value. I'm able to draw upon things I studied in Finance, Big Data, Business Law and Ethics (to name a few) and speak to prospects in terms that they will understand."

Parul’s advice to future students is pretty clear.

"Befriend as many people as you can in your course so you're always aware of what’s going on and you have people to help you/study with if you need it; especially with Covid-19, it’s important to ensure you have a good system of people to keep in touch with when you're not always on campus.

"Make yourself known to your advisor as early as possible and keep in touch with them - they will be your point of contact and support if you need it but they can only help you if they know how to.

"Get involved in as much as you can, university truly provides the best years of your life."

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