Prestigious Chancellor’s Award for Professor Susie Schofield

Published on 13 May 2024

Professor Susie Schofield of the School of Medicine has been named as one of two winners of this year’s Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Contributions to Teaching.

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Announcing the award on Wednesday, Professor Blair Grubb, Vice-Principal Education, said Professor Schofield “has been hugely influential to faculty development within the School of Medicine, Tayside and wider afield, both nationally and internationally” in her role as Professor of Medical Education.

“She has taken on various leadership roles, perhaps most notably leading the move to online and then cohorted-online of the University’s largest and oldest distance learning programme.

“She has also mentored numerous teaching staff at Dundee and elsewhere, both formally and informally, further reflecting her passion for people and her generosity with her own time.”

Professor Grubb added, “Susie’s impact has also been felt significantly at institutional level, where her extensive knowledge of University policies, passion for networking, and easy manner with others have resulted in many contributions, most notably in the areas of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion and Quality Assurance.”

Professor Rory McCrimmon, Dean of the School of Medicine, said, “I’m delighted to learn that Susie has been given this prestigious award. It is recognition of her outstanding scholarship and many contributions to the School of Medicine and University of Dundee. I am sure you will all join me in offering her our congratulations.”

Professor Schofield said “When I applied for a Masters in Applied in Computing in 2001 I couldn’t have foreseen the amazing career I’ve had at Dundee. The University has supported me throughout and, without sounding too much like an Oscar speech, I am also totally indebted to all my colleagues across the University for providing me with the support and opportunity to grow, and to support growth in students and faculty, locally, nationally and internationally. It’s been and continues to be a ‘blast’.”

Professor Andrea Ross of the School of Humanities, Social Sciences and Law also received the award.

Paying tribute to both winners, Professor Grubb said, “Professor Ross and Professor Schofield have sought to empower their students and transform lives, and their contributions to their Schools and to the University as a whole help us to attract the very best students and to support the development of excellent graduates.”


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