Postgraduate Business Student Prize-Winners – 2020

Published on 5 August 2020

We have been able to celebrate the success of our graduates the excellent performances they achieved during their degrees

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The prize-winning list of this year’s Master’s students. Well done to those who went above and beyond to achieve these prizes.

  • MSc International Business Prize - Sultan Butt and Shaina Aggarwal
  • MSc International Business Project Prize - Shaina Aggarwal, Aleksandra Smolin, Kalliop Koliatsi, Worachit Thankansakul, Jinchen Zhang, Chenkai Tian
  • MSc International Marketing Prize - Wendy Morgan
  • MSc International Marketing Project Prize - Wendy Morgan
  • MFin International Finance Prize - Constanza Seghi
  • MFin International Finance Project Prize - Constanza Seghi
  • MSc International Banking and Finance Prize - Arvind Ramesh
  • MSc International Banking and Finance Project Prize - Arvind Ramesh
  • MSc Management Prize - Alvy Malik
  • MSc Management Project Prize - Alvy Malik
  • ACCA MPA Project Prize - Ruijing Bai
  • MSc Accounting and Finance Prize - Ziwei Wang
  • MSc Finance Prize - Tengpeng Chen
  • Dissertation Prize - Cheng Cheng
  • MRes in Accounting and Finance Prize - Ujjal Mondal
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